Saturday, May 14, 2011

Toenail Fungus Day #1

I tried to tell you this was coming. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to turn back now. Just remember...I warned you.

I have had a toenail fungus for a while. Yes, even a couple of years. I have tried several things to get rid of it. And I still have it. Needless to say, the things I tried in the past didn't get rid of it. I have tried Vicks Vapor Rub, Vinegar and some prescription med. I kept reading about Tea Tree Oil and I thought to myself, I have tried everything else, why not that. I went into our local Holistic shop and I started talking to the lady and she recommended Lemongrass Oil. I bought some. She had both of the oils and they were both the same price, that leads me to believe that she wasn't just trying to push something on me.

Last night and today I tried to take a few pictures. I think my toe should now sign autographs because of all the photo shoots it had to be in. Finally, I think I have a couple of decent pictures. I have to use the term "decent" lightly when I am talking about this fungus. Why? Because it really is ugly! I mean gross, ugly! I will do my very, very best to get the pictures put on here tomorrow.

So...For day #1, I have taken pictures of my toe and toenail and I have put Lemongrass Oil on and under the toenail.

Stay tuned for updates.


Heritage of Home said...

Praying for you toe! I know that is not fun at all! Keep us updated! I have a strong stomach! I can handle it! See ya soon!

Alta said...

Awwww...Thank you so very, very much!

CatHerder said...

lol..your post made me laugh out loud, because just in time for summer and flip flops..i lost 3/4 of my big for the last two weeks we have been referring to my toe like its a person LOL...try tea tree oil too...its working for me! good luck

Alta said...

I thought about the flip flops and sandals but I have battled with this thing - well it seems like forever. LOL
Thank you for the well wishes!

Coral said...

Just ironically, on friday in the nail salon I was part of a discussion about toenail fungus. This poor lady had 1/2 her big toenail removed after 2 years of western medicine made her sick. Then someone told her about the "vicks vapour rub treatment". Well you slap on vicks onto the toe to treat at night, wrap it with a bandaid - so not to get it all over the sheets etc & keep it directed on the nail. She said that within one month there was a drastic improvement & afer 3 months almost no fungus at all. So she really wishes she had heard about this treatment before having 1/2 her toenail removed which was really painful.
Hope it all works out for you

my2boys said...

Vick's salve works great on toenail fungus. You need to apply it twice a day for about month.

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john said...

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