Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stop Wasting so Much Water

Not too long ago I wrote an article about water.  Our water is so precious and there is no way that I can stress that enough.  Recently I went back to work and on my drive to and from work, I see large irrigation systems running.  Are they watering anything that we can eat?  No.  They are watering grass.  Grass!  I don't know what they are going to do with the grass but I do know that if the animals don't have any water to drink, then the grass isn't any good.  About 2 weeks ago, around 12 noon, a sod farm had their irrigation going also.  Why?  We are in a severe drought.  People are loosing their homes to sink holes as I type this. Wells are going dry.  Bottling companies are pumping water by the millions of gallons a day, depleting our aquifer and our drinking water.  People stop wasting so much water!

It saddens me to hear of so much bacteria in our water.  Recently one that has really touched my heart is a young lady from Georgia.  Aimee Copeland is a vibrant young lady that I have never met.  I was listening to my favorite radio station yesterday on the way home from work and there was a prayer that went out to her.  I was curious and today I searched and found her website and learned of her accident.  Aimee had an accident from a zip line and developed Necrotizing fasciitis also known as Flesh-eating bacteria.  She needs your prayers! 
So you are asking what exactly this has to do with water.  It has everything to do with water.  The less water we have the more bacteria we will have.  Go and read the story about Aimee.  And put her in your prayers.

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