Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Watering the Garden

We haven't had much rain here in my area and my garden is hesitant to grow and produce without the rain.  I've had to really get creative in ways to water without waste.  By that I mean that I have to water my plants without wasting water.  When watering the garden, it is important to water deep because it sets the roots in deeper soil allowing them to go without irrigation for longer periods of time.  Now the best water for any plant is rain water, but we can't control when or how often or how much of that we get.  I love the Rainbird products for my sprinkler heads and I like dealing with a company that I can trust.

Take care of your garden and it will take care of you.  Water the garden but don't waste the water.  Use products, supplies and a company that you can trust.  Ask questions from other gardeners, join a forum and relax with irrigation supplies that you can count on from a company that you can trust.

Enjoy the water that we have and the garden that you will grow!

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