Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday Hampers

Well my homeschool group is at it again.  I tell ya, we are always up to something.  We just completed a pageant.  Can you believe that I said pageant?  We are working hard on fundraising and one thing that we are putting together right now is gift baskets.  We are going to take bids on the baskets and the highest bid wins the basket.  That's kinda a no brainer.

So...I'm thinking about things for the basket.  But...I'm thinking more about buying completed baskets.  Yeah!  I like that idea the best.
An "Indulgence" basket or maybe a "Pamper Dream" basket.  There's "Red Wine and Cheese", "Red Wine and Chocolate" and "Afternoon Tea" and so many more.

My favorite of them all is the "Birthday Hampers for Her".  Everyone doesn't like tea or wine or chocolate but everyone has a birthday.  And every woman in your life loves getting something for their birthday.  Don't just take my word for it, go and investigate for yourself.  All the many reasons a gift basket or a hamper just makes sense.

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