Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why I Hate Shopping

I have never proclaimed to be a shopper.  Mostly because I really do hate shopping.  I can go and shop for yarn and craft stuff all day long but...when it comes to me buying clothes for myself.  I hate it!  Did I mention that I hate shopping?!
Today I thought that I would buy myself a pair of pants for a job I am about to start.  I figured I would buy a pair of Dickies.  They look really great on most people I see wearing them and they are in my price range.  So I stop in one of the local Walmarts and I find the Dickies.  They have them in two colors and of course I could only find my size in one color.  So I grabbed a size 5 and a size 7.  You are not going to believe this!  I thought I would try on the size 7 first because if they were too big then the size 5 would be just about right.  Ha ha...what a joke that was.  I undressed and attempted to try on the size 7.  Did you see that - ATTEMPTED - yes that is what I did.  I couldn't pull them up over my left thigh.  I couldn't believe it!  I thought well shoot, no sense in even trying on the size 5, I'll just put them back on the rack and maybe grab a size 9 and try it on.  Well of course by the time I thought about putting my pants back on and then my shoes and tying them and putting the ones that don't fit back on the rack and sorting and finding a size 9 and then going back and taking the shoes off again and then the pants and then trying on the size 9 that I would just be more frustrated because the size 9 would probably swallow me.  So I thought, I'm gonna try on the size 5.  I did and I will be dog goned - I not only pulled them up over my left thigh but I got my right thigh in them too and...I was even able to pull them over my behind and button the.  Now I gotta say that they sure were snug tight as all get outs but I did it.
I skinned myself out of the size 5 and calmly put my jeans back on, put my shoes back on and tied them and said "Forget it".  Those are the things that I just don't understand and I get so frustrated with that make me absolutely  HATE shopping!
I sure hope that Dickies don't think I threw them under the bus but at that point, I was ready to throw them under the bus.  Literally!


Coupons said...

I hate that you can't always go by the size on clothes. Some brands are sized large, some are sized small, and some are terribly inconsistent. Why can't it all be standardized?

Alta said...

You are thinking just like I am thinking. I would vote for you if you ran for president. LOL