Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Things Every Kid Should Experience

I grew up in the country and I thought that my parents were so strict because it seemed like I couldn't do anything.  I bet at some point in our lives, we have all thought that about out parents.  As I grow older wiser, I know better.  My parents gave me all they could and that was what I needed.  Today I greatly appreciate everything they gave me.  Yes, even the things I didn't think were necessary.

I was scanning the web today (yes, like most days) and I ran into an article that said "8 Things Every Kid Should Experience".  I read over the list and I thought about my childhood years and all the things that I experienced.  Hmmm...I'm lucky I'm still alive!  LOL  

I would really like it if you would go and check out the link, but just in case you don't, I'm gonna list the 8 things here.

1. Being part of a team
So many kids today play sports and that automatically puts them on a team.  As for me, I grew up on a team.  It was called family.

2. Camping
Can you believe that some kids have never, ever been camping.  We used to camp out in the back yard.  We didn't have a tent but we would drape sheets or quilts over the clothesline.  And I have very fond memories of my dad packing up the car and us driving to North Carolina and camping out for a whole week.  I still have stories to tell about the panthers that were really racoons and the racoons that stole our mayonnaise.

3. Chores
Oh my gosh!  That is a very ugly 4 letter word.  Yes, the dreaded chores.  I had my fair share of them and so do my kids.  But...that's where the team comes in to play.

4. Snow
In Florida?  Once!  And I remember my sister and I chasing my dad trying to hit him with a very dirty snowball.  A real snowball.  Now my sister sees snow almost every year.  And for me?  I think it's snowed one other time here in Florida.  I can't wait to take the boys to see and play in their first snow.

5. Farm life
Pea pickin, garden growing, pig raising, egg collecting, the smell of cows and horses and so much more.  I remember shelling peas during my summers.  I shucked my fair share of corn and feed my fair share of cows and pigs.  But that's ok, I didn't go hungry in the winter either.  Kids should defiantly experience the farm life.  Especially the cow patty fights!

6. A lemonade stand
I don't necessarily agree with having a lemonade stand.  It can just be too dangerous because of inviting strangers to come around.  Ok, with adult supervision.  I think there are many other ways to earn a few dollars and to learn about buying and selling.

7. Flying a kite
Oh yes!  I wonder exactly how many of these I have flown over the years.  And, get this...I still love to fly them.  As a matter of fact, just last summer while we were vacationing at the beach, we flew a kite.

8. Bowling
Yes indeed!  And, ha - we did this about a month ago.  How awesome is that?!

Now it's your turn to tell me some of the awesome things that you have done or would have liked to have done.  It's not too late ya know!

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