Saturday, July 21, 2012

Part Time Job and more

I'm not sure if I have told you but...I now have a part time job.  Yes, I actually leave my home and work 24 hours a week.  It's only 2 days a week.  I actually like it.  I like the time that I can spend away from the family.  I like the drive time to and from work that there is only me in the car and I can crank up the music and sing along, as loud as I want to.  I have a very cush job and I really do enjoy it.
Now that you know about the job, I will tell you about the more.  But only if you really want to know.

We have finally been getting some rain and it is wonderful!  I will post pictures soon.
My washer and dryer finally kicked the bucket and I had to replace both of them because the patch job repair was too close to the price of new ones.  And the dryer was sucking up so much electricity and taking forever to dry the clothes.  I don't use the dryer full time but my husbands uniforms MUST be done a certain way.
I was bitten by a friends dog that I pet sit for from time to time.  Yes, the dog is still alive!  Lots of circumstances involved and the dog was doing it's dog thing.  No stitches, just puncture wounds.  That's because I didn't pull my hand away from the dog.  I was taking off the dogs leash and he grabbed my left hand in his mouth.  I twisted his collar and drug him out of his kennel by the collar, yes my hand was still in his mouth.  When he came out of his kennel the collar slipped off of him and he released my hand.  That was a trip to the emergency room and a few days of pain meds and some wonderful sleep.  No I don't want to do that again!
The air conditioner quit working in my car.  Can you say HOT?!  Yes, I live in Florida and I have come to the reality that a car MUST have air conditioning in it.  It's worse than a sauna if you have no A/C in your car.  Expensive to repair but I sure gotta tell ya, $1200 worth of ice cold, arctic air blows out of the vents now.
Horses bleed a lot!  No kidding!  One of my horses had a tumor looking thing and yes, I had to get the vet out.  Have I told you that I just love my vet?  Well let me tell ya, I love my vet!  The tumor was taken off and it's actually called a Sarcoid.  Google it and you will see just what I am talking about.

With all that said and done...I am going to downsize.  Yes, I said downsize!  I really think that my life has gotten too busy.  Why do I think that?  I never, ever have time to shuffle through the papers on my desk.  What I intend to do is utilize the little corner that my bid desk is in.  I'm going with a corner computer desk from

The corner desk that I have chosen to use is perfect for what I need.  It's called "White Corner Desk with Solid Wood Legs & Drop Down Keyboard Tray".  I figure that I will have my back to the wall, yes my chair will be in the corner but that's ok.  I think that will be much better thank facing the wall.  That way my kids will have a better image of my face and maybe they will get a clue that I am reading and not just staring at the wall.  I love the style of the desk and how it just fits right into my lifestyle.  If you get a chance, go over and take a look at it.  I think you will like it too!
If I decide later on that I don't want to use it as "my" desk, it can work in many other areas.  The desk has a great desktop area in a compact design and I think the drop down keyboard tray is so cool.  I am truly excited and can't wait to downsize!

See ya soon!

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