Monday, July 30, 2012

Henry Penry

I'm going to tell you about my chickens.  Yes, I said chickens.  I have been wanting chickens for some time, ok, years and years.  I had them when I was a kid and my grandparents had them.  I just loved having chickens.  And I still love having chickens.
On with the story...
Back in April I took my youngest child to Tractor Supply just to buy chicks.  He picked them out and we brought them home.  He smiled as if it were Christmas.  LOL
There is a post here that talks about Lazy Me and in that post, you can see our chicken palace.  And here is some pictures of our chicks and chickens.
4 day old chicks

Henry in the back of the picture.

2 of our hens

Henry & Wiley

Henry peeking around
Henry started out as Henny.  Yes, just like the childrens story, Henny Penny.  I went out the other day only to go right back inside and inform the family that Henny Penny is actually a Henry Penry.  So now we have a Henry and he started crowing about 3 days after I made the announcement.

Since the chicken palace is all set in place and we have built a little roof over the laying boxes, I will get some updated pictures just as soon as possible.

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