Monday, July 23, 2012

Update on horse, hand & water

I am very pleased to announce that it is defiantly a sarcoid on the horse.  There is NO cancer!  A sarcoid is kinda like a wart.
Now here is a picture of my left hand about an hour after I was bitten.  Yes it was painful.  I have always said that what makes a dog bite bad is when the person pulls the part away from the dog.  I didn't pull and I didn't get any stitches. day we are dry, the next day we are wet. 
One day the river bed is dry and we are standing in it.  And 3 days later not only is the river full but so is the parking lot.
 If you were taking the pictures of the water, you would be looking across the parking lot toward the boat ramp.  The boat ramp is in the middle of the picture.  Hmmm...Got Water...

Believe it or not, as much water as this shows, our water table is still low.

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Annnightflyer said...

Hope your hand gets better-to much land I only wanted an acre and we're still looking.Thanks for the offer tho.