Sunday, September 23, 2012

Anger Management week 1

Where do I begin?  It's actually kinda funny because I checked in a few minutes early and I sat in the waiting room.  My meeting was supposed to start at 11.  About 10:55 the therapist walked in the waiting room and then he went back in the back of the building.  Kinda like he was going to his office.  So I sat and waited a bit more.  About 25 minutes passed and I just started texting friends.  I told one of my friends that I had it all figured out...They make you wait in the waiting room until you are pissed off and then they take you in for anger management.  LOL
About 11:30 the therapist came out and sat down beside me and it was actually funny because he thought I was there for something else.  He apologized and we laughed about it and I ask him if they leave the students waiting long enough the get mad and that is how the anger management works.  He kinda chuckled and said no.  And then we went to the class.
So...I did 30 minutes with the therapist and one student and then I had about 30 minutes with just the therapist. 
One friend (Rhonda) said that she imagine a bunch of people in a class and they were all trying to piss each other off.  I just had to giggle at that one!
Anger Management is about finding an alternative way to think and that helps control our anger.

So...all in all my class was good.  I have moments that I break down and cry because the hurt and pain goes soooooo deep!  But don't worry - it's all good and I am counting it all joy!  Anytime that we can better ourselves then more power to us!

I took the following from this link...

What is the goal of Anger Management?
The goal of anger management is to learn how to react to situations in an assertive manner, which allows you to stand up for yourself, and to be able to communicate you concerns or needs without threatening, intimidating or violating the rights of others.  This usually involves learning to control that instinctual fight or flight reaction and learning to communicate your limits, needs, feelings and concerns in a constructive way.

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