Thursday, September 27, 2012


Sometimes I think that things can be a lot better than what they are.  Sometimes I know that things can be better than what they are.  Sometimes...I know that I don't live in a perfect world. 
Ok, you got me...All the time, I know that I don't live in a perfect world.

Now what brings me to this whole perfect world thing is this...Two people say we need to compromise, come to a mutual agreement.  Those two people sit and talk and one of them says that the other can just make the decision because the other one will come back and blame them.  Gosh this is difficult to put into words. after a few minutes, one person keeps asking the other one to be involved and then the other person starts to speak up.  When that person starts to speak up, they make the other person aware that it may upset them.  Yeah - you know what's gonna happen don't you?  I have an idea - let me do it a different way.

Person 1:  So what is your idea of a discipline for taking the butter?
Person 2:  I don't have any ideas, I think that you should handle it.
Person 1:  It won't work if we don't co-parent.
Person 2:  And if I discuss this, you will only come back and blame me and say that you didn't agree to that.
Person 1:  I never do that and we really need to come to a conclusion and move forward.
Person 2:  I really prefer that you handle it and that way it can't come back and bite me in the butt.
Person 1:  I can tell that you have something to say.
Person 2:  I think it is best if I just keep that to myself.
Person 1:  It will never work if we can't co-parent and come to a compromise.
Person 2:  Ok - but it's going to piss you off.
Person 1:  No it won't.
Person 2:  I believe that he need to be disciplined for taking the butter.  He has gotten away with it far too long.
Person 1:  I don't disagree with that.  What are some of your ideas?
Person 2:  Well you originally said that you were considering making him pay for the butter even after he returned it.
Person 1:  Yes and we talked about an apology letter and apologizing in person.
Person 2:  Yes but none of that has happened and you haven't followed up with any of that.
Person 1:  Things happened and it kinda got lost in the other things.
Person 2:  Well I think that making him pay for the butter isn't going to hit home with him and I think that taking the driving class away from him will make more of an impact.  Driving is a privilege not a right.  He hasn't earned the privilege to take the class.
Person 1:  Yes, I can see that.
Person 2:  So what do you think?  Do you think that he should loose the driving class as his discipline?
Person 1:  Yes, I will go and talk to him about it.

Now - I ask you, the reader...Was a compromise reached?


Noun:  An agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions. Verb:  Settle a dispute by mutual concession.  Synonyms:
noun.  agreement - accommodation - settlement - conciliation
verb.  come to terms

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