Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do you wonder

Do you wonder why I am go to Anger Management?  Well there may come a day when I tell you, however; today just isn't that day.
Yesterday I cleaned out the nesting boxes on the chicken house and I detangled the horses mains.  Today I am going to work on their dreadlock tails.  I can't wait to tackle that job!  LOL  Just kiddin!
Actually I really do enjoy it.  It would be much better if...I wouldn't let it get so bad.  Ok - we all know that life happens.  Boy I tell ya, my life has certainly happened!  It's been on one of those 200 mph trains.  Sometimes it hits a brick wall and sometimes it goes right through the thickest steel wall.  And...It is what it is!
And I am also in the cooking mood.  I think that's because the weather is a little cooler and the air is a little crisper.  I soooooo love the crisp air! 
And with that said - I am off to the kitchen!

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