Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Grocery Shopping

What a day! Yes - Grocery Shopping! I have put it off all week and finally today I had to do it. Grocery shopping really isn't that bad, it's just all the people. It always amazes me, no matter what time of day I go grocery shopping, it seems like everyone from everywhere is there.

My boys sure are a big help. They are always so willing to just jump in and do things at the grocery store. They pretty much know everything we buy and they just ask how many cans or bags or what have you.

This month they each have to fine a recipe and fix it. WW and JD has already found their recipe and yesterday they helped me with the grocery list. They made sure to have their recipes with them so they could add what they need to the grocery list. MJ just can't figure out what he wants to make. With WW and JD they have to make theirs from scratch. I think I will just have MJ do a box recipe such as a cake or cupcakes. I did buy a cake mix today that I want to use to make cupcakes for St. Patty's day. I think I will help MJ do that. I know that he will enjoy it and shoot, so will I.

I'm off to do a few things and enjoy the quiet of the house while everyone is asleep.

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