Friday, March 07, 2008

Schoolhouse Rock

I grew up with Schoolhouse Rock. I really did learn something from those little songs or jingles. They are so adorable. Back then I didn't think of them as adorable. But I did enjoy them. I think they used to come on the tv during Saturday morning cartoons. That sure was a lot of years ago.
I found a couple of those videos went we went to the library the last week. Finally, today I was able to show them to the boys. Funny thing was - I had to sit and watch the videos with the boys. I remember the darn songs. Once the video was over, the boys ask me if they could watch it again. That is just so cool!

I am on an adventure now to see how many more of the Schoolhouse Rock videos I can find.

Here is a video that you can watch that will give you a better idea.


Steph said...

heh! back in the 70's (for me) and early 80's when Sat. morning tv was good.

I can still sing out the Preamble to the Constitution because of those.

Alta said...

You are so right about Saturday morning tv being good back then. There is so much trash on tv now it is unreal.
I love the Schoolhouse Rock. It's a blast.