Friday, August 29, 2008

We Survived

My goodness...It sure does seem like I get started here and something happens and I end up a good ways behind. Who knows why?! Yes, we survived the storm. Oh gosh, schools were closed, businesses were closed and on and on. Rain! That's what we got. I am so thankful that we got lots and lots of rain from the hurricane.

Now I'm off to never-never land to loose myself again. I'll surface again soon and tell you something exciting.

Squirrel - he is doing wonderful! His eyes are open and he is eating (lots) and he is just wonderful. We decided not to call him Freedom II. He is officially Houdini.


karisma said...

Im glad to hear that you survived and the squirrel too! Wonderful wonderful news! Hooray!

Alta said...

Thank you so much!