Thursday, March 22, 2012

Whats on Your Deck

I am so excited this summer because I have a deck.  The only thing I have on it right now is a swing with a canopy that my mother in law gave us.  I really enjoy it but I need something else.  So...I am looking at some Adirondack chairs. I am looking at the ones from recycled plastic. You all know how I just love helping save the earth. Colors - oh my! So many beautiful colors to choose from. Casual living at it's best with a folding Adirondack chair. I love it!

Well I'm gonna need at least two Picnic Tables. One for the adults and one for the kids.  They are so easy to clean too!  Not the kids, the tables.  There is wood, concrete, powder coated steel and of course my very favorite is the recycled plastic.  I can even get them to match!  How awesome is that!

Ok - now for the shady parts of the yard.  I have some really huge oak trees and I really must have a few Park Benches. I know of at least one shady area that I want it to be mounted to a ground surface because I don't want it moved.  The others I get will be portable for ease of maintenance of the grass.

Gosh, I'm getting all excited now.  Ok - I gotta scoot outta here because I want to go and get some quotes.  I can hardly wait!  I will host a couple of homeschool events here once all these items arrive.
See ya in the yard!

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