Friday, June 29, 2007

For the Dogs

Our local newspaper today had an article about a man that will be chaining himself to a dog house this weekend. At first I thought it was some punishment that he had been given for animal cruelty. I read the article to find out that he is doing it for a reason and that reason is to show his support for the dogs.

Dogs Deserve Better"As the days become years, many of these dogs sit, lay, eat, and defecate within the same 10-foot radius. Chained by the neck, they exist without respect, love, exercise, social interaction, and sometimes even basic nourishment. They live as prisoners, yet long to be pets."

Mothers Against Dog Chaining is a newly-formed initiative of Dogs Deserve Better, and is led by DDB founder Tammy Grimes and Crystal Sinclair, mother of Makayla Sinclair who was killed by chained Great Danes in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, in October of 2003.

Unchain Your Dog "Imagine being chained to a tree year after year. You watch the door hoping someone will come play. No one ever does. You long to run, but you can only pace. You shiver in winter and pant in summer. Eventually, you stop barking. You have given up hope."

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karisma said...

Wow that is so sad. I remember a few years ago a house down the road from us had a large dog chained to a car port. The yard was unfenced and the dog was never taken for walks or looked after properly. I felt so sad as it gradually went from being a playful pup to an aggressive dog. Eventually the RSPCA came and took him away, after several complaints. Its sad that people can be so cruel and careless.