Monday, June 18, 2007

Magic Tree House

I recently packed up my boys and my gift card and off we headed to the city. My gift card was from Mothers Day and it was at my very favorite store. Barnes and Noble Book Store. I love that store. I bought myself a couple of books and of course I had to buy the boys each a book.

As I was browsing around, I came to an area in the childrens section that talked about earning free books. Of course I had to run down a sales person and find out immediately what this was all about.

Here is what I found out -

Summer Reading in The Magic Treehouse For every 8 books that your child or children read, they will get a free book from Barnes and Noble Book Store.

Since I found this out, the boys have not left me alone about reading. They come to me and say "Mom, can I read to you now." And of course I say yes. What adult in their right mind would turn down a child asking to read?

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karisma said...

What a great incentive. I love books and we also joined a book club over here, where I get free books everymonth. It is really a fun way to get the boys reading and they love choosing their own free picks too.