Monday, June 25, 2007

The Horse and The Ball

I have played ball with all of my horses many times. I just happen to pick up one of the kids ball last Friday and put it in with the horses. It is one of the big balls that has a handle that a child can sit on and bounce. Pretty cool invention. Well 2 of my horses thought it was pretty darn neat. They weren't very keen about sitting on it and bouncing. LOL But they liked to touch their nose to it and try to figure out if they could eat it. My 3rd horse - hmmm...well he thought it was some giant bouncing horse eating critter. There was no way this darn thing was going to touch him. He just walked away from it and avoided it. That was his way to say "hey giant bouncing horse eating critter, you will not eat me".

Now add a child on his back. Not good. The ball spooked the horse and he did a little buck, it's actually called a crow hop. Well off comes the child. Our 11 year old just laid across the horses back with his feet up in the air and rolled right on over and off of the horses back. Yep - a small fracture in the left wrist. There was only a little pain that evening and that night, no swelling. We thought, well it is only bruised and sore. Come the next morning there was a little bit of swelling. Off to the emergency room we went, where we spent 5 hours and walked away with a splint and a recommendation to see another doctor on Monday.

Monday - sure enough there is a hairline fracture in the left wrist. A hard cast was put on the wrist and now he has to wear it for almost 4 weeks.

Swimming sure is going to be difficult, but he loves to swim so much it doesn't matter to him.

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karisma said...

Oh My goodness! I Hope he is okay? I have not had much experience of horses but I have met one or two in my time. I remember one in particular, he reminded me of a big puppy dog. Very playful and friendly, but VERY big. He gave me kisses and pushed me around a bit. Another playful chap I met, decided to take me for a run (I happened to be on his back at the time) We narrowly missed a few speeding cars. Oops. Then there was the fellow who on a paid trail ride decided that he did not like the other horses being in front. (Apparently, he was an ex race horse) No-one told me that, needless to say I ended up on the ground with a nasty concussion. I tend not to ride horses these days although I do like to chat and make friends with them. I think I will stick to the other side of the fence.