Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pay Attention

Kids! Gotta love em!

Have you ever tried your best to get your kids to pay attention? Of course you have. Some lessons just seem like the hardest learned. If that makes sense. LOL

Here is our story about paying attention.
Mowing season has finally arrived now that we are getting some rain. We take care of our property and also my mom's property. She has a small yard (1 acre) and it really is pretty easy to mow. Every year, it seems like, I am the one that starts off mowing. I always have to make sure the mower has oil and fuel and so on and so on. If there is a problem I try to fix it, if I can't...Well that is the job for Superman. And every year I always have to start out with a dead battery. It really isn't a big issue, I just pull out the jumper cables. It can get a bit tricky though because the battery is under the seat. The seat has a safety switch that makes the mower shut off when you get off the seat. Hmmm...I think, now how in the world can I put the jumper cables on my SUV battery and then put them on the mower battery while keeping the seat down, while trying to crank (start) the mower. Yes, I have quiet a dilemma here.

Ok - I got it. I look around the seat area of the mower, find the safety switch, figure out just how it works and now just to bypass the darn thing. I found a piece of Sycamore tree bark and wedged it between the contacts. Safety switch is now bypassed. Jumper cables all hooked up and I am ready to turn the key. About mid way between my SUV and the lawn mower, I hear electricity and my middle son holler. Sparks are flying and it is so darn funny, I really thought I would fall on the ground laughing. Needless to say he had gotten on the mower and sat on the seat. This caused the metal on the seat to touch the jumper cables giving him a shock. It is almost as if he flew off the mower.

No harm was done to anything or to anyone. I simply said while I was laughing, "Now you know why you should pay attention". He defiantly agreed.

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karisma said...

My goodness! Well I hope he will be paying attention in the future, he sure must have learned a valuable lesson in that one.