Friday, December 01, 2006

10 Reasons my Husband thinks I'm Crazy

Yep - he sure does! He thinks I am off my rocker, flipped my wig. Crazy as a sprayed roach! Why? I have my hands in way to many things. I am always saying that I want to do this craft or that craft. Or go fishing or horse back riding. Always something!

Reason #1 - I am a Parelli fan. My wonderful husband bought me the 1st kit and woe and behold I even managed to open the box and drool over everything in the box. I want to get up one morning and just put on my jeans and boots and pick a horse and start working away - ooops - I mean playing away. Florida is too hot - too dry - too wet - too cold - too windy and so on and so on. I am actually waiting on our move. When I have that glorious barn to go along with the glorious pasture. I walk out the house with my carrot stick in hand - ready to play the seven games! Level 1 - here I come. Horses - there they go! Just kiddin! Can you believe they actually enjoy it?! It amazes me.
Oh yeah - why else does he think I'm crazy?

Reason #2 - Well - I paint. Or at least I try to paint. I want to get certified (Bob Ross Certified). . Yes - me! I have taken several classes from Mary McClead and I have brought home wonderful masterpieces that I created.

Reason #3 that he thinks I'm crazy. Crochet - I sure have created alot of afghans. I want to sell them. Hey - you wanna buy one? No - really. They are wonderful. All hand crafted by me, myself and I. The 3 of us really love to sit and watch movies (with the man that thinks I'm crazy) and crochet. I hate to just sit and watch movies, even though I love movies. Gotta be creative instead of just a zombie while the movie is playing. I would probably crochet at the movie theater if there was just a wee little bit more light.

Reason #4 - Junk. I am always thinking of ways I can turn junk into something that someone may want or could use. He thinks I should just throw it away. I think the landfills are way too full now. Just my way of trying to save the earth.

Reason #5 - Dirt. I love the dirt and plants. I am always looking at ways to get free plants for our yard. I have gotten several of them by just getting a cutting here and a bulb there. I have a little wooded area that I put them all in. I have started trying my hand at propagation. It's working too! We bought some hedge about a year ago. We spent alot of money on those hedge. I think they were 3 gallon size for $7.95 each. I thought...hmmm...I wonder if I can root them. So I ran out and got some clippings from them and followed the instructions on a website that I found and I recommend - Mike McGroarty -
I am not affilitated in any way with this website. There is just really some great info that can really get you going in the plant world.

Reason #6 - Sewing. I love patterns and sewing. It's just another thing I enjoy doing.

Reason #7 - Pets. I sure have alot of them and want more. For some reason, I want to bring them all home with me and they can all sleep in our bed. Call me crazy!

Reason #8 - Website. Gotta have another one! I am compelled to create another website. At one time we had 3 websites. They just about drove us crazy until we completed them and then we were so tired of the websites, we just got rid of them.

Reason #9 - Adoption - Adopting kids!

Reason #10 - Too many irons in the fire!

My husband just can't keep up with them all! Not to mention all the things he wants to do or does.

Call me Crazy but I love him!

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Bright Meadow Farms said...

I can relate to this! Especially the junk part, the sewing part, the trying to do too many things, well, basically, all of them.

I saw your post on MJF and I will post your blog on mine, would appreciate it if you return the favor!