Friday, December 29, 2006

Just in case you didn't know

I thought that I would post a little info about adoption in case you don't know. Adoption can be expensive no matter what type of adoption you decide to do. Let's put the adoption fee to the back burner and talk about a few necessities.

When children come from a foster home, they pretty much have nothing. A few clothes and maybe a tooth brush. That's about it.

There are alot of expenses that come with them. A child that is a ward of the state will sometimes get a stipend until they turn 18. If our government decides that is not a good idea anymore then the stipend will no longer exist. The kids tuition is paid to any accreditated university in the State of Florida. I don't know about any other states. That does not mean that the child must go to college. It only means that if they decide to attend a college then the tuition is paid. That does not include books and whatever other things are needed for college. I don't really know what is needed or required, so I can't speak too much on that subject. Most of the time there is either Medicaid or Medicare. I get the two mixed up and just can't remember. I guess I will have to remember here shortly.

Once you are ready to adopt a child you will need several things to accomadate the child or children. Sure is children with me. A bed will be needed and some bedroom furniture. Just the basics are a bed and a dresser. I know that there are a lot of other things that will need to be bought along the way, however, this will work to begin with.

Clothes - they gotta have them. You will have to buy them more clothes. It is mandatory. It is also something that can be done a little at a time, that way they don't have one size in everything and then outgrow them.

The biggest expense is the vehicle. Gotta get a vehicle that is large enough to haul the whole family around in.

Bedroom furniture and clothes can be a thing that you shop around with. Go to yard sales, but buy good quality stuff. I think that the kids deserve new, however, at this point, anything is better than nothing.

I guess now everyone knows what we are doing. We are looking for furniture and a vehicle. It just takes time. But sometimes you don't have the time. Kinda like us. We have to have bedroom furniture and a vehicle to haul of us really soon.

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Rhonda Donahoe said...

Are you closer to being able to adopt the boys? I'm anxious for the updates.

I love adoption stories ... giving kids a chance to have a family who loves them ... beautiful. What you are doing is wonderful! Bless you!