Saturday, December 16, 2006

Work at Home

If you are not a Work At Home Mom WAHM or a Work At Home Dad WAHD or a Work At Home Individual WAHI or even a Work At Home Family WAHF, you really should check into some of the Work At Home places and ideas.

There are tons of them online. If you do a google search, you can come up with hundreds of thousands of Work At Home jobs and ideas. When you use the search engines such as google you can come up with so many that it can boggle the mind. I have done it, so I know first hand. I even began to think that it all was a s.c.a.m. My favorites folder on my computer is loaded with links that I have saved to research later. Sometimes I go in and clean those links out because they no longer work. S.c.a.m - probably. With those links anyway!

If you are truly interested in working at home and spending more time with your family or just spending more time doing any number of things that you enjoy, then I suggest you check out these links. They are not a s.c.a.m! They are real work at home professions that you can do. I won't even call them a job - because a J.O.B. means Just Over Broke. I say that lightly because my husband has a job. Actually he has a career! You too can have a career! And you can start today.

I will not promise you riches beyond your wildest imagination! I will not promise you any riches! I will promise you that if you are patient and willing to enjoy life that you can have a career and enjoy what you do. You don't have to take my word for it, try it for yourself. It's all free. Really, what do you have to loose.

Independant Rep Alta Brewer #339
You must list my name or Rep ID number in the line for the fax number.
Do you love Pets?
Would you like to earn extra income?
Dog Yums Distributor Program offers Pet lovers, Pet Related Websites, Animal Rescues and Work at Home Mom's a great way to generate extra income!
Earn 15% on all sales through your Distributor link and up to 25% on all Direct sales and Personal Purchases~ Sign up today and start making money!
Join Dog Yums today its FREE To JOIN!
There are No Kits to Purchase!
However we do require that you make at least one purchase of any amount, every Quater (every 3 months) To stay Active.
For More information about Our Distributor Program please Feel Free to contact us.
Independant Rep Alta Brewer #339
You must list my name or Rep ID number in the line for the fax number.

This infomation and these links are not s.c.a.m.s! I am a real person and not a person paid by these companies to get you to click on the links and join. I am an Independant Distributor with each of these companies and I am making money from home. I still have a job. Yep - sure do. But not forever. I intend to work with these companies and have a career with them. My career will be my life. Spending time with my family and doing what I enjoy.

The Fuller Brush Company
Manufacturer of quality household, cleaning & personal products since 1906.
The Fuller Brush Company is looking for motivated individuals with a desire to make money selling high quality products.
Sign up now for free and receive a FREE online store.
Interested in buying or selling?
Contact: My Manager
Patty Lynch, Manager/Independent Distributor
Fuller Brush & Stanley Home Products
PO Box 339 * Dover, OH 44622
Phone: 330-602-9487
Fax: 330-364-3063
Shopping website:
Opportunity website:

There are so many companies that want money up front. I am so against any company that wants me to pay them to sell their product. Now I think that if I pay them to sell their products, there really is something wrong. With the Direct sales companies that I am an Independant Rep for, there are several levels that you can get involved in. If you decide to sign up for any of these Direct sales companies look at the information very good. Everyone I have become an Independant Rep for, I have done it for free. If you decide to put any money out on any of these Direct sales companies, know that you are getting more in your kit. You are not paying them to sell their products. You are just getting more in your kits. Read the information carefully and know what you are getting.

Gourmet To Go
Join the Team Today!

Independant Rep Alta Brewer #1454
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You can read all about our wonderful company!

This company is owned and operated by Real Work At Home Mom's. The started small and now they have grown to support all of their Independant Reps. You will not be disappointed in the company or the products. Beverages, Breads, Cookies &
Bars, Desserts, Dips,BBQ & Meats, Meals, Soups,Side Dishes, Sugar Free,and More!!
Fantastic Food Mixes…

Easy to fix even for the laziest cooks!
Just add a few ingredients to the dry mix (butter, sour cream, water, etc) and in a matter of minutes you can whip up something delicious.
All of our Delicious Mixes come complete with easy to follow directions.
Our mixes are very affordable, and we have over 100 products!
Are you diabetic or watching your weight? We have a wide selection of sugar free mixes.
We even have homemade playdough for the kids and gourmet dog bones for your waggy one!
Join the Team Today!
Independant Rep Alta Brewer #1454
You must list my name or Rep ID number on the form.
I apologize for this post being so long. But I am proud of these companies and what they have offered me and what being an Independant Rep for them has done to help me reach my goals in life.
I am not a social butterfly by no means. I prefer to stay home. I sometimes think that I had rather stay home and eat dirt than to go out to eat. Going out anywhere means I have to drive in todays crazy traffic. Oh don't get me wrong - I can communicate with just about everyone. And everywhere I go, I try my very best to be polite. Society today is hectic and I don't like the hecticness of it all. I prefer to spend more time with my family and my critters. All the more reason I love these companies.

Stuff A Friend
Join my Team Today!

Independant Rep Alta Brewer #791
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We have wonderful products that everyone from Young to Old and everyone in between just love and adore!
We have a support group that will knock your socks off!
Fundraisers, Birthday Parties, Office Parties or whatever you can imagine!
Not just another stuffed animal!
I had a Tupperware party one time, a very long time ago. Way before the internet even came about. Only 1 person showed up and that was my mom. Why did she show up? Because the party was at her house. I felt humilated, disappointed, let down and a few more feelings I had. I think people were just tired of home parties. Well I have discovered that you don't have to have home parties to be successful with Direct sales. There are so many other options. Check into one or all of these companies. And if you have any questions, either myself or the the owners of these companies will be glad to assist you.
I wish you the best in your Work At Home adventure. And if I can be of any assistance to helping you fulfill your dream, just let me know.

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Steph said...

Yeah, many of those work at home links out there are a big fat scam, I have several abandoned emails that fill up with hundreds of spam messages daily thanks to those "legitimate" sites. I tend to look closer at something if they aren't asking for money up front.