Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This is really a very touchy spot with me. I swear that my biological clock is not only ticking, my biological alarm is about to go off.
We (my husband and I) have been in the adoption status since 2003. Seems like a lifetime. Yes we are trying to adopt.
We originally signed with a private agency. I will try my very best not to defame the private agencies too bad. If I get carried away with that, just remember so I am told that not all agencies are like that.
We had a contract with the private agency. An 18 month contract. We had our do's and dont's and our will's and will not's. Some how this agency ignored those. How can that happen?! I have no idea how our stipulations can be ignored. Well this agency kinda had a 3 stirke your out thing. Notice I said kinda. Within 3 months we had refinanced our home and property, and paid our agency alot of money. We also had donations from friends. Oh how wonderful it is to have friends.
The agency calls and ask us if we are interested in this case Strike One and that case Strike Two. Of course neither one of them fell into our do's list. They actually fell into the will not's.
The following week our agency called and ask us about the first case. After a lengthy explanation on our part - we hit Strike Three. Waiting to hear - Your Oooouuuuttttt!
It was about a month later when we received a bill for the remaining balance that we actually heard Your Oooouuuuttttt!
Another lengthy explanation on our part.
Regardless to say, we ended our contract and the Private Agency kept all the money we had paid. What the heck happened? Did the sky just fall or did the earth just fall out of the solar system? Who knows!

After waiting 3 long years, we decided to try the adoption process again. No private agencies this time. Get me once, shame on you. Get me twice, shame on me. No shame on me/us this time.

Now we have completed our MAPP classes with the State of Florida and we are in the Army. Why the Army? Because it is a hurry up and wait! So we wait and wait and wait! We make calls about children of interest only to hear that they have already been placed or no more home studies are being accepted. Well why aren't they taken off the States website? Oh because the Children Home Society is short handed. So the children suffer. But Children Home Society don't see it as the children suffer. Nope - just that they are short handed.
Over 1900 children in the State of Florida that need to be placed.
If we are approved for adoption, along with lots of other families, why are these children not being placed.

Latest update as of today. Over a week ago I emailed our case worker with several children of interest. As of yesterday - no word from our case worker. Ok - maybe I should call and talk with her. I called and this is when I was informed that our case worker had been transfered to another office. Wow! Just like that we don't have a case worker. Now who is our case worker? I have no clue. What happened to the email, what happened to the children of interest?! The old biological alarm again! I sure don't remember hitting the snooze button. More calls. Hurry up and wait.
I did find out the case worker for a couple of our children of interest. And I had to fax our Home Study to the case workers. What exactly is it that Children Home Society does. I read somewhere that they find adoptive parents for children. Instead of finding children for adoptive parents. Hmmmm! Kinda makes one think.
And besides all that - Children Home Society has a website were we can view the children. However, not all the children are posted on the website. And of course there are more than one website just for the State of Florida. How is one suppossed to know about all of the websites. Research and call and do it some more.

Hopefully, soon I mean real soon, I will have updates. Joyful updates.