Friday, December 15, 2006

Adoption Update

An update on our adoption. What a week! After making several more calls, I find out that our Case Worker - is still our Case Worker. Kinda funny how these things work.
I contacted several Childrens Case Workers and they gave me their fax numbers. I faxed our Home Study to those Case Workers. WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! One of them called me! Can you believe that?! She said that she has a sibling group of 3 boys that she wants to submit our Home Study to. We talked for about an hour about the boys and YES our Home Study is being submitted! I am so excited at this point. Of course I can't get too excited because we may not be a match for them. All we can do is wait and pray. But that is much better news than we have had up to this point.

We have our Home Study in for several other children, including another sibling group of 2 little girls. I have a feeling that something is happening now, instead of our paperwork just sitting around and the children just waiting and waiting.

If you want to read the original post - You can read it here "Adoption"

This reminds me of a comment that was posting today in reference to my Adoption post. My husband told me of a story today of a Grandmother that dropped her 4 year old grandchild off at school this morning when she dropped off a sibling of the 4 year old. She just dropped the children off and left. She is 60 plus years old and has custody of her grandchildren and she just can't raise them. For health reasons or reasons of age. After a certain age it just becomes to much for some (I suppose). But in ways I can understand. However, she just dropped them and left. I mean 4 years old. The mother is a drug addict and this is how the grandmother got custody of the children. One of the teachers contacted Department of Children and Families and they are going to assist the grandmother. The grandmother has taken them back, however, she just needs some assistance with them. No one knows what will come of this incident, we can all hope that it works out best for the children and they don't get harmed in any way. Physical or mental!

Cherish each and every day that you have with your children or your grandchildren. Don't abuse them mentally or physical. There is a family out there somewhere that would love them unconditionally. A family that is unable to have children of their own and going through similiar circumstances that we have experienced. Not everyone has alot of money to go through a private agency. I have come to call the private agency's "Baby Brokers". However, they are finding homes for children that would otherwise be in foster care until a family was matched with them. It just takes alot of money to go through a private agency.

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