Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blogs and you

I am amazed at how much time can actually go into a blog to get it set up just the way you want it. But I love it! It is like creating a website. Really I suppose it is a website and just called a blog.
I sit here creating this blog and loving every minute of it. I read and research and read and research some more. Then I edit and type and edit and type some more.
There are certainly alot of great information that can be found on blogs. What really amazes me is the google page rank on some blogs. Some of them have a greater google page rank than alot of websites.
For a little while I had 3 websites. There were not enough hours in the day to keep up with them all. Over time I omitted the websites from my life. Oh I miss them dearly. I suppose that is why I created this blog. Just to have some hands on with developing and doing a little html. Html amazes me. Maybe I am a junkie for it.
If you have considered starting a blog, I highly recommend it. Warning!!! It is adictive. You too could become a blog junkie.

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