Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Awesome Eco Projects

I have been reading about ways to help our planet. I think that it is better late than never to make an impact in a positive way. These wonderful links and articles will help you in finding ways to help our planet. Join me and others in makeing a positive impact.
Learn what you can do to help and how you can do it by visiting these awesome websites.
Backyard Abundance
Fun Water Facts to Share With Your Kids, Friends & Relatives
Rainwater Harvesting: Frequently Asked Questions
How To Build a Rain Barrel
Be sure to visit Florida's Online Composting Center


karisma said...

Thanks, Ill go and check them all out. Love the new picture up the top, its beautiful.

Alta aka k9 said...

They really are some really neat links. I love the whole idea of trying to save our planet. I do what I can around here, but it never seems like enough.
Thank you on the picture. That is a picture of 67 acres we wanted to buy last year. That deal just didn't work out. Superman is going out this month to Missouri to look at a couple more places for us to buy. We are ready to get into a quieter, slower society.