Saturday, July 28, 2007

On A Jet Plane

Leaving on a jet plane...You've heard the song.
Well the big day is coming for Superman to fly to Arkansas and Missouri. I think I already miss him. This will be our first time apart from each other in - hmmm...I actually don't think we have been apart from each other. The boys and I will be just fine. Yes, we will have fun and go swimming.

Superman will be in search of our dream property. This will actually be our 3rd trip to the area. The first time we took my mom with us and she really made the trip miserable. But that's all behind us. Thank goodness! The 2nd time Superman and I rented a car and drove the whole way - 16 hours. We had a blast. Now he is going by himself because we just think that it will be too much for the boys right now. I trust that Superman will pick the perfect little 40 acre farm for us. We both have the same ideas on how we want to get closer to Mother Nature and farther away from civilization. Just a quiet little piece of property to run, play and raise our family on. I'll try to keep you updated throughout the week, but don't forget that I will be busy swimming, playing and just having fun in general.

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