Saturday, July 07, 2007

Camping In The Yard

Tonight the boys are camping. Camping in our pasture. It doesn't matter where they camp as long as they are sleeping in the tent. They say that this is a huge responsibility and it makes them proud that they are allowed to camp, even if it is in our pasture. We are planning on taking them camping in a couple of weeks along the banks of the Santa Fe River. They are really excited about that and they thought that tonight would be experience for them. We plan on swimming all day, sitting around a camp fire in the evening and a little after dark, tell a few ghost stories that the boys can laugh about and then fall asleep and listen to the river.

The boys certainly are progressing nicely. They are starting to talk a little bit about Christmas. We have never had a Christmas with children of our own and I'm not really sure who is going to have the most fun. Us or the children?! Regardless of who has the most fun, I am sure that it will be remembered for a long, long time.


karisma said...

I havent been camping since I was very little. It sounds like fun, we will have to give it a go one day too. Enjoy yourselves.

Alta aka k9 said...

The boys had a blast. It was so funny this morning when I woke up the boys were in the house watching a movie. Instead of saying good morning to me - this is what they said "Mom, there's a giant jumping spider in our tent". They were so funny and so serious. I thought, my goodness, how will they ever go hunting with their dad?! LOL