Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If You Haven't - You Should

Lived! If you haven't - you should! I met with my best friend today that I haven't seen in years and years. We have know each other since we were 11 years old. Becky looks fabulous! Let me tell you - she hasn't changed a bit. I really think that is what I love so much about her. The boys love her! They call her Aunt Becky.
The boys got to swim in the pool while we talked and got caught up. Of course with Florida weather, a thunderstorm came up and the boys had to get out of the pool, not without complaints of course. We ate lunch at McDonalds (not my favorite cuisine by not means). Then we parted ways and promised to get together this week and go to the springs. Oh yeah! If I forget this part the boys will wanna pinch my head off. LOL When we left Micky D's, Becky gave them each a $5 bill. Oh yes they thanked her and they talked about her all the way home. All of Becky's children are grown now and she is a grandmother. Shoot - me - I guess I am just a little late at the whole kid thing. But that's ok with me, I waited for the best kids. LOL

During our conversation today, we talked about growing up then and growing up now. Times certainly have changed. We got into all kinds of trouble when we were kids but it was silly stuff and not stupid stuff. Becky gave me an old picture from 1978 of another of our friends, her and me. It must have been "Old Fashion Day" at school. The picture has survived all these years, including a house fire. I am going to see if I can get it restored. By the way - we have no idea who the goat is.
If you haven't lived your life you better start now because none of us is promised tomorrow!


Karen said...

Oh wow! we must be close in age. I resemble that picture! LOL

Alta said...

My boys ask me if it was taken in the 60's. Becky and I just laughed. Shoot we were born in the 60's.

karisma said...

well I think its very sweet! Being born in the 60's is definately when the best were born! Don't you think? I do believe I just scraped it in there!

Alta said...

I think being born in the 60's helped us miss a lot of the hippy era. Personally speaking - I am glad that I didn't get caught up in the hippy era.