Thursday, August 02, 2007


Today is my sisters birthday! Wow - she must be old by now - 43 years old! Hey, I got it - I think that the boys and I will call her (probably wake her up) and sing Happy Birthday to her as loud and off key as we can. Loud and off key shouldn't be a problem for us! LOL
Oh My Gosh! That reminds me that I have a birthday in 3 days! And to think that I am older then her - schew - only by 3 years though. Hmmm...doesn't that mean that 50 is approaching really fast. Oh well, like I always say - I may get old, but I refuse to grow up!

Our boys don't think that I am old, they say it all the time. Maybe that is because of the way I act and carry myself.
The other day we went to Walmart, and I like to enter the store through the garden area. Walmart has concrete block set up with post sectioning off the plants and patio furniture and such. As me and the boys were walking up to the area, I just jumped over the fence. The boys thought that was the coolest thing and of course they had to do it too. And to think that at the river I am the one to climb the tree and go off on the rope swing. It probably puts you about 20 feet above the river before you plunge in. It's a blast! Once I did it, WW had to try it. Now we both think that it is the bomb! Going off the rope from the ground is like riding the merry-go-round. And of course the other day when we ate lunch with Becky, it had rained and there were some really great puddles in the parking lot. Oh yeah! Splash time!
And there are days when I am out in the yard playing kick ball with the boys. Running around as if I am 12. Superman said about a month ago that he looked out in the yard and saw an extra youngin running across the yard and be darned if it wasn't his wife. LOL It wasn't very funny though when I tried to do some really quick turn and stop all at the same time - I kinda did a split and then fell in two different directions. I didn't know my body could do that. Needless to say that the boys laughed so hard it hurt. Once they recovered from their laughing spell, they all had to high 5 me. Wait until we have paint ball guns and 4 wheelers! They better watch out!

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