Thursday, August 16, 2007

Birthday Shopping

What a fun experience! This was actually our second birthday shopping experience for the boys. The first one was all organized, by that I mean WW had written everything out exactly how he wanted it and so on. He is our organized one, right down to measuring his room and all of his furniture in his room before he re-arranges it. And to the point that he will drive me crazy with his measurements. LOL

JD is the one having the birthday this Saturday. He is the one that flys by the seat of his pants at 90 miles an hour. He kept telling us some things that he wants for his birthday but he didn't make a list. Finally today he made a list. Why? Because Superman told him we were birthday shopping tonight when he got home from work. So there JD went flying by the seat of his pants at 90 mph again. LOL

So off on the shopping trip we went. WW was allowed to go with us because he wanted to buy something for JD and WW knew what JD wanted. So he was given the responsibility of keeping a secret and playing an adult by keeping the secret. He really likes feeling important like that.

Superman was a real trooper while we were shopping. He followed the list that JD had given us and started thinking about filling the buggy up. Oh the wheels were turning in his head. We started in the toy section and finished in the sporting goods - That's were Superman really came to life, he was in his element. With JD being so much like his dad and having camo as his favorite color, there was no way that Superman could go wrong.

Saturday we will get to see JD's face light up as if it were Christmas. He has made the comment that he has never had a good birthday or a good Christmas. We intend to change all of that for all 3 of our boys.

Oh yeah - another early morning in the morning and once again into the city and into the "Not NASCAR" traffic.

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