Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Garden Gnome

Before we headed to the springs today, I decided to take the camera outside with me. I had to hang out a few clothes and put some hay out for the horses before we left. Here are a few pictures that I took.

This is my little garden gnome. He is hanging on an old screen door spring and he is riding a dragon fly. I actually found him abandoned one day and thought what a wonderful and cute little fellow (pronounced feller).

This is the little garden that we planted our beans in. They did really well and were so delicious.

Right now I have okra growing and it is just starting to bloom. I love fried okra. Hmm...I wonder what the boys are gonna think about okra. LOL

I also have some elephant ears, ferns, pinecone lillies, some other kind of lily and some type of running plant. I have no clue what the running plant is but I have always liked it. I guess I need to learn the name of it. It really goes well in the shade but runs toward the sun and fills in an area nicely.

By the way - I picked up the little limb tonight when I went to feed the horses.

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