Saturday, August 25, 2007

And Saturday Rolls Around

I finally got up before anyone else today! Quiet and it wasn't 2 am. Ok that lasted about 5 whole minutes. LOL JD sneaked into the kitchen and peaked over the breakfast bar to see me trying to read the paper before anyone woke up. Cutest little good morning from the cutest little guy. I love being a mother - yes - even on the rough days.

WW and JD had decided to do their Science class today. We were just so busy yesterday and it got so late, so I gave them the option of doing it today. It was fine for all of about 3 minutes. You guessed it - JD wouldn't read his assignment and then he started whining about the answers not being in the book and he hated Science and on and on and on. It certainly was a morning to behold. JD ended up in his room for the day. Finally around 6 pm he decided that his room was boring because he was not allowed any toys or anything else. He came in the living room and worked on his Science and a few other assignments that were behind because of his behavior.

Here's the real dirty low down. JD was in his room and Superman and I needed to go out to the barn. JD came out to the barn about 5 minutes later and said that he was ready to do his work. Well of course now I am busy, so I sent him back to his room. Once I came back inside, I went to his room and ask him if he was ready to do his assignment. He said yes. Off to the living room / classroom we went. Without any complaining he sat down and started. I headed to the kitchen to put something in the oven. And 3 minutes later he announced that he was done.
Yes - done! I knew in my mind that there was no way in this world that he was done. How did I know this? It took his brother (WW) over 30 minutes to do this and I know that WW applies himself. And once I looked at JD's answers and saw that he got everyone of them right, I knew for sure that something was up. So I took a piece of paper and I rearranged the questions and gave it to him to redo. Sure enough he wrote down the same exact answers. He had to match 1, 2, 3, etc... to a, b, c, etc... This time all the answers were wrong. Why? Because the questions were rearranged but he had memorized the answers.

It took me almost 2 hours to finally get out of him what he had done. He had looked in his brothers book while we were outside and memorized the answers. I had him redo the test and he worked on it for about another hour (yes, he complained), finally he was done and made a 100.

I sure do have my hands full with JD but as I have said before - I will not give up.

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karisma said...

Mmmm, have you realized this yet that this kid is a genius? If he can memorize the answers like that, he will have no problems in life. What a funny boy! You have to give him credit for his ingenious efforts! I really like this kid. He is so wonderfully entertaining!