Sunday, August 05, 2007

Day After Yesterday

Hmm....Now wouldn't the day after yesterday be today. Yeah, that's what I thought too. Hey - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Oh that's right, Karisma reminded me that I am gettin old. Gee thanks, Karisma. Just kiddin! Thank you so very, very much for the birthday wishes.
This is how Superman told me happy birthday..."Last year you turned 45 and you had 4 acres and no kids, this year you are 46 with 44 acres and 3 kids, how's that for a birthday." I thought it was sweet.
We had to buy 2 new tires today for the truck that Superman drives to work. He said that he was going to Walmart and I could give him the grocery list. I thought well heck, why don't we all go and get the shopping done. So that's what we did. Superman got all checked in and the tire thingy going, WW and JD took off together to the sporting goods section and the toy section. Me and MJ? Well of course the tire area is right next to the craft area, so guess where we headed. Oh yes, right into the craft section for about an hour. I love the craft section in Walmart. I think I looked at every bolt of material there. Poor little MJ, he was so bored but quiet the little trooper. While I was looking through one of the pattern books, MJ said "momma, I think we are supposed to buy groceries, not looking through books". LOL Superman joined us in the material area and I said I was going to buy me some material. Check this out - Superman picked out as much material as I did. Now I have lots to sew. WooooHoooo! Yippie! And the boys are at camp this week. I think I'll play with my material.

Ok, I have my material and a few notions, we are off to buy groceries. MJ was a wonderful help today. I think he wants to follow his brothers when they are with us and I think that he just acts out and gets into trouble. There wasn't any peer pressure today and his behavior was more what I expect and appreciate. It's the behavior in public that makes a mom proud.

Unpack the groceries, put everything away and everyone goes their own way. WW and JD off to granny Karen's to help her finish their job. MJ off to play somewhere. Me and Superman sneak off into the bedroom and talk about the boys. Me - oh now I need a little nap, 30 minutes. That's what I ask for and that's what I got. I love my husband! He keeps everyone quiet and let's me nap. During that 30 minutes my mom called but I called her back later. She just wanted to give me my birthday wishes and sing happy birthday to me. Thank you mom!

We sat down for supper and WW and JD kinda looked at each other and then they told me that I had to close my eyes, so I did. They brought in a beautiful little blue velvet box that had 3 tea light candles in it. The best part was the note that they had written to me. It said that I am the bestest mom ever. Those guys are wonderful!

Superman said that he was sorry that he didn't get me anything for my birthday and I explained to him that the property, him being home today, the boys, and everything that they all do for me is my gift. It is my gift from their heart to my heart that is given to me every day.

Superman, WW, JD and MJ, I love you all with all my heart!


Whimspiration said...

Happy Birthday!

Saw your link on Gather, so decided to drop in and say hi! :D

Alta said...

Thank you for dropping by!

Super Saver said...

Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a great day.

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