Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Up early and into the traffic. I hate traffic! Why? Because everyone is in such a hurry and they forget everything. Well almost everything.

Here's what they remember...
Drive as slow as you can in the fast lane.
Drive as fast as you can in the slow lane.
Use your brakes A LOT. To do this, you have to tailgate the car in front of you.
Stop in the travel lane to make a right hand turn.
How to use their cell phone.
How to apply makeup.
How to mash the gas when the light turns yellow.
How to blow the horn - for no apparent reason.
How to run a stop sign.
How to pass a slower vehicle with oncoming traffic.

I certainly don't agree with what the rush hour traffic remembers, but I sure do agree that those things are not what they should remember.

Here's what they should remember...
Slower traffic keep right. That's so that the faster cars can pass you.
Keep right except to pass. Move out of the darn way once you pass the other vehicle.
How to leave enough following distance. Not NASCAR! You are not drafting.
You do not have to stop in the travel lane to make a right hand turn (and you should not).
You do not have to talk on the phone all the way to work. You just left the house, what could be so important.
You should have gotten up a little earlier so that you could apply makeup before walking out of the house.
Yellow lights mean proceed with caution, not mash the gas.
Your horn worked fine the last time you HAD to use it, why test it now.
A stop sign means STOP. It does not mean Skid Tires On Pavement.
Never - Ever pass unless the coast is clear. Stop running other drivers in the grass. Once again - This is not NASCAR!
How to use their turn signals. They are there for a reason. At least give the driver behind you a chance to SCREAM before you dart in front of them.

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Sue said...

Hi Alta, thanks for stopping by my blog and adding me to your list, I did the same, been meaning to do so earlier! I love all the info you have here, can you tell me more about Dine without Whine?