Saturday, August 04, 2007

Superman Returns

6:30am EST the phone rings. It's my wake up call from Superman. Oh and to think that I coulda slept in until 7am. The additional time gave me some quiet time before I had to wake the boys up. That quiet time is certainly needed with 3 boys, well it is for me anyway. Remember that up until March 20th we had no children and since then there are 3 that are 9, 11 and 13. Oh heck no, I'm not complaining.

I think I got the flight arrival times mixed up. LOL I was only an hour early though, not to bad. I used that time to take the boys on a couple of escalators at the airport. They loved it! And shoot - so did I. My mom went with us and she was so darn funny when she got off the escalator. She kinda did a little hop and then a step. Or was it a step then a hop?! Regardless, it really was funny. Keep in mind that she is 72 years old. I remember trying to get her on the Merry-Go-Round years back and I almost had to drag her to get her on it. She was scared silly the whole time. My dad was the adventurous one that rode all the wild rides with me and got me hooked on them. I'll tell more about my dad in another post. The memories are still very tender to me, so I have to work up the courage (that way I don't soak my keyboard with tears). Back to reality now...I also had time to walk the boys inside the airport and show them a few things. They were able to find the sign that showed the arrival and departure flight numbers and times. They saw a jet taxi down the runway and take off. There were about 25 service men and women in a group walking and we moved over to the side and stood still to let them walk pass. I told the boys that they should show respect to them at all times and I explained my beliefs of the situation. It was all a wonderful experience for the boys and for my mom and myself.

Finally - And to think that Superman would never walk down that long hall. I stood there and said "I wonder where Superman is?". With that said, I saw him. Walking toward us and wearing his Superman shirt. Now how darn cool is that! The boys gathered around me and JD and me started waving. Superman was looking right over us. He thought that he was gonna land and then direct connect me and we would pick him up outside the front doors of the airport. Surprise, surprise! He saw us when he was about 5 foot in front of us. His face lit up and JD ran to him and jumped on him, followed by WW and then MJ. I waited patiently for my bear hug and my sweet kiss. What a wonderful homecomeing for our Superman!

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