Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting Hotter

I really believe that every year it is getting hotter here in Florida. I have lived with 20 miles of where I was born and where I grew up all my life and I really feel like it is getting hotter and hotter every year. That may possibly be proof of global warming. Honestly, I believe in global warming.

And to think that it is so hot that the boys come inside between 12 and 1 and they are covered in sweat and dirt. They are pretty much done outside for the day. Shoot, when I was a kid we didn't have air conditioning, so we had just as soon played outside as inside.

This morning we all decided that more cleanup around the barn was necessary. We all headed to the barn and the shade. You walk out the door and it's like walking into an oven. And that is at 9 in the morning. We pulled the 4 wheeler and the push mower out of the barn, hooked the trailer to the 4 wheeler and off we set to load, haul and unload compost. A much better name for our compost pile is Mount Manure. We loaded, hauled and unloaded the compost - 3 trailers full. By that time it was just blazing hot and the sweat was in all of our eyes and I had a salt buildup on my glasses that was horrible.

Tomorrow we go on our very first home school trip. We are meeting people from one of our groups. Yipee - we are swimming!


Sue said...

It's been record hot here in Missouri the last 2 weeks and no rain! It's terrible and scary too!

Alta said...

The hot weather and dry conditions are very scary - everywhere.