Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Weekend

All in all we had a wonderful weekend.

Yes - we had a birthday party and it was a blast. JD is now officially 12 years old. Oh if you could have seen his face when he saw all the gifts on the table. He had a special chair that he sat in (my computer chair). They all love to sit in moms computer chair.

Superman sent me and WW shopping early Saturday morning for a few groceries and to pick up the birthday cake. JD and MJ stayed with their dad up until it was time for JD to go over to Granny Karen's. When we got back from shopping the house was spotless! I mean spotless too! What a neat feeling. And to think that I felt quilty for spending $250 on groceries. But it was 2 buggies full. Ok, so I don't feel so bad since I had 2 buggies full.

The party was a wonderful success. JD's facial expressions were so true of his feelings when he opened his gifts. The joys of being a parent and seeing their faces light up is worth the trials and tribulations that the children can put parents through.

Do your children creep into your bedroom or open the door really quietly? I mean like they don't want to wake you up. And then they say "Momma?, Momma?". Mine do. LOL And they do this to ask me if they can watch a movie. My goodness boys, you know the rules, do all of your morning chores and you can watch a movie. It's pretty simple. You don't have to wake me up to ask.

We had spaghetti for lunch and it was delicious. I had taken some jar sauce Thursday night and put in a little onion and some ground chuck, cooked it and put in the refrigerator for Friday night supper. We didn't eat it for supper on Friday night, so today I heated it up, added more onion, garlic, oregano and some sausage that I browned. Served over angel hair pasta with toasted garlic bread - mm - mm - good. Ice cream for dessert.
Everyone washed, dried and put away their own dish and I ran off to take a little nap.
Superman woke me up and ask if I wanted to go with them to the springs. Of course I do. So this afternoon at 4pm we headed to the springs for the boys to swim. MJ had to do his famous back flips and show off for his dad. We gave him thumbs up from across the water. He just smiled, climbed the ladder and did another flip. We stayed about an hour and there wasn't any fussing from the boys about leaving. All 3 of them thanked us for taking them.

On the way home I heard JD say to his brothers - "I don't want to go back there because there's too much cussing". There were a lot of teenagers there today and they use such foul language. Now if you remember - JD is the one that had the cussing problem when we first met the boys. Times certainly have changed for the better around here. I explained to the boys that it was pretty crowded there today because of it being the weekend. They remembered that when we go during the week that there are less people there, including foul mouthed teenagers. And now JD wants to go again. Bless his little heart!

I am excited about tomorrow! It will be our first day of home school. I have big plans and high hopes. Tonight Superman and I talked to the boys a little about what to expect tomorrow and this week. We let them know what we expect out of them and ask if they had any questions or concerns. They were all 3 fine with everything and said they are ready to get started and believe that home school will be fun.

I have a few more emails to check on and a little more research to do before I head off to bed. I am sure the boys will be up at 7am tomorrow morning and I am sure that the door will creep open as they try not to wake me, only to say "Momma?, Momma?".

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