Thursday, August 02, 2007

Doing A Few Things

We are setting up our little homeschool room. It is going to awesome! Yesterday we took a little trip to Walmart and I browsed around looking and thinking and getting ideas to go with the ideas in my head on how I wanted to set up the classroom. I got it! I bought folding desk (3 of them) that are easy to move around and they can be folded in case we need the room or even want to take the classroom outside. How cool! I love the craft section of every store, I think I spent almost 2 hours just looking at material. I found some awesome material that I wanted to make curtains our of. The material is all in primary colors and it has all of the countries printed on it. The boys love it! Yesterday and into last night, WW, JD and I started cutting and sewing. I had a small piece of material (primary colors) that made excellent hanging tabs to sew to the top of the material. The curtains hang from about 1/4 the way down the window and rest on the window sill. We used the spring loaded curtain rods, that way we can move the curtains up or down. I think that will let in enough light and prevent the boys from day dreaming out the window. And the curtains can be used to learn about different countries and we the United States is located in relation to other countries. I know - I'm still patting myself on the back for this one!

Now if I can just get this junk moved from the middle of the room. Junk - a file cabinet that I may use (but I doubt it), it's just so big and takes up so much room. There's a microwave cart that who knows what I will do with it. It's really nice but there is just no room for it. I also have 2 really nice old tables that I remember using in school. They are very useful and I have no plans of parting with. I just don't know what to do with them right now. Oh yeah - tubs of material and yarn that I hoard. Imagine that! I turn around and look at the stuff (junk) and I also see a stereo cabinet that I have no clue as to what to do with. Yard sale? Probably a great idea but I really hate having them! Guess I need to bite the bullet and just have a yard sale.

We also took down some curtains in the den, threw away the old ratty blinds, cleaned the blinds from our front room (there were salvageable) and put them in the den. I bought some sheer material (dark blue) that was on sale for $1 a yard (I bought 7 yards) and this is what we hung around the window frame. It looks pretty darn good for $7, if I do say so myself.

The other day, nope I don't remember what day. I found a pair of MJ jeans that somehow he managed to rip in more than one place. I cut the legs off just above the crotch and made a clothes pin bag from them. It's the most adorable thing. I still have the legs of the jeans and I think that I will make us a resuable grocery bag out of them. I need to find something really strong for the straps. I know somewhere I have some sturdy straps that I cut off of something else that I can use, now I just have to remember where they are.

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