Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Right Around The Corner

My parents used to say "Right around the corner". I remember looking for my birthday and Christmas around every corner that I could find. Now I find myself saying "Right around the corner". One thing I never looked for was school. And yes, it's right around the corner. From what I understand, some schools have already started. Here in North Central Florida we start on August 20th. I guess we don't have to worry about snow days. With heat in the triple digits, we can't even imagine snow. Not that we haven't had snow but it's certainly not something we get every year.

Now that I have mentioned school, I'd like to share some great resourses that I found for homeschoolers. There is so much wonderful information at to keep you reading for a little while. Are you New to Homeschooling? this should really help.

Hopefully that will keep you busy for a little while. Many of you may already know about those two links. As for me - I need all the help I can get. Because school is "Right around the corner".


Shinade said...

Well yes I do what "Right around the corner means" also no where "over yonder" is....great post. My daughter has homeschooled from time to time....finances as of late required she go back to work...but, she prefers homeschooling. She holds a degree herself so she certainly is capable. Unfortunately, life just kind of got in her way for right now...but, she hopes to completely homeschool her youngest...he's three. What a cheerful lovely blog...I am so pleased to have you in my neighborhood..oh yes you will discover I am a terrible speller..:)~jackie

Alta said...

Oh yes - over yonder. I love the country and the lango. Hopefully your daughter will be able to take care of what needs taking care of in a timely manner. My best to her.
Thank you for the comments about my blog. I simply love blogging. It's ok if you are a terrible speller, I try not to judge by spelling.