Thursday, August 09, 2007

Biscuits In The Dresser

Biscuits in the dresser! Yes, that is exactly what I said. Not only are was Biscuit in the dresser but the napkins were in the refrigerator. There are some weird happenings around here. Biscuit is one of our cats. Now napkins - those are just plain napkins that you wipe your mouth and hands on at meal time. I think it was Monday when I hadn't seen Biscuit all day long. I thought and thought but all I could remember was that I saw her before I took the boys to day camp. I wondered if maybe she ran out the door. Biscuit always tries to blend in with us when we are heading out the door. I have no idea why she thinks she can pass for one of the kids. I mean really, she stands less than a foot tall and weighs less than 10 pounds. Maybe she thinks she's invisible and just sneak through the mass of legs trying to get out the door. With the boys an myself there are a total of 8 legs trying to get outside at one time, so I guess Biscuit thinks, what the heck would 4 more legs hurt.

Anyway - once I picked up the boys from camp and got them inside, I said "we have to have a cat search". We have them from time to time. Living with 3 cats means that 1 is always hiding somewhere. So our search began. We found tuffs of hair (cat hair) but no cat (these are the tuffs of hair that we have to throw away before they get a name). We continued our search and whoa and behold - MJ comes out and announces that he has Biscuit. We all flock around him as he holds Biscuit while she yawns like she was just disturbed from a long winters nap. MJ says "Momma, she was in my dresser". Oh my - poor kitty (I think to myself). But knowing Biscuit, her yawn was her expression of the kind of day she had. The napkins in the refrigerator - that happens around here, and so does eye glasses in the freezer and butter in the oven. We just laugh and blame it on the gremlins.


Anonymous said...

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karisma said...

That is so funny! So Im not mad when I check the fridge first when things are lost. If the napkins are there anything could be right? As for hiding pets, The captains friend came over yesterday and brought along her baby python, the Bookfairy was besotted with it and let it slide down one of my pot plants which happens to have a sealed pebble top. Well, guess what, it doesnt anymore. The snake found a little hole and decided it would be a good place to hide. Bookfairy was holding its tail trying to stop it from going in but she lost and it would not come out. They had to remove the pebbles and dig a bigger hole. He is only about 30cm long but Cameragirl nearly had a heart attack everytime she saw him.

Alta said...

Of course you are not mad when you check the fridge first for missing items. Also remember to check the oven and the dryer. LOL
That is too funny about the snake. I bet that would have been a real surprise for Cameragirl if no on had told her.
I really am glad to know that our family is not the only one to loose things. Now where did I put my glasses...

hszoo said...

I have a secret. I once put milk in the broom closet. Now the secret's out! Glad I'm not alone in that sort of