Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally Friday

I made it! A whole week of Home School! I did think that it would go a little easier than what this first week was like, however, I also knew that it wouldn't be easy.

I know that our children have issues from their past, I know that there are things that they remember that they should have never been put through. I know that I love them and I know that I will never, ever, give up on them.

Today was kinda a mixed up day. We had to run 2 errands in the same town. Thankfully it was our little town and not the big city. We started out with me taking the boys through our little drive-thru burger joint for breakfast. They loved it! Then we sat down at home and ate our breakfast and then we hit the books. Yes there were some issues today, but nothing like earlier in the week. JD once again drug out a 20 minute assignment and made it over 2 hours. Not only is he hurting himself by doing this but he is hurting his brothers. But then again - they are all learning lessons from this too. They are learning that if they do not apply themselves to their school work that they loose privileges. Had I known that JD was going to act out again in class today, I would have probably skipped the breakfast thing. But then again - he knows that he must not act out in class if he wants to do breakfast like that again.

There have been a couple of days this week that I have really been at my wits end. My mind races to act quickly but to act properly also. In time, with experience, I think I might get the hang of it. Regardless of me getting the hang of it or not - I am not quitting!

We weren't able to finish science today. I need to refraze that. I ask all 3 boys if they wanted to skip science today and do it tomorrow (reminding them that it will be Saturday). JD and WW were ok with that but MJ wanted to do his science today. That worked out really good because I was able to work one on one with MJ.
Superman will be teaching science on Saturday! Let's see how far JD can push his dad.

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