Monday, August 27, 2007

Home School on the Road

Today we had to take a trip to Valdosta Georgia. Granny Karen had a doctors appointment and I thought that we would make it a learning experience. In the back seat of the car sat Granny Karen, WW and JD. In the front seat of the car was Granny (my mom), MJ and myself. I always get the honor of driving when Superman isn't with us. But I don't mind. I mean really, here are the choices for drivers - MJ age 9, JD age 12, WW age 13, Granny age 72, Granny Karen age ? (late 50's - early 60's) and of course me age 46. And besides I am the one that has more driving hours than anyone else, since I used to drive for a living. And just who would you want to drive? LOL

In the front seat, Granny helped MJ with his sight words. In the back seat, Granny Karen certainly did keep WW and JD occupied with their sight words, sight phrases and their sight nouns. Not only did she keep them busy with all those words and such, they had to find things in the atlas. And I really lost track of how many things she did with them to keep them busy. How creative this lady is.

On the trip home, I let the boys off from their work. I did have them read road signs to help me in finding the right roads and in telling me which way to turn. Honestly, I knew the way home and all the roads, but it made them feel really important. The best part was when they had to read the signs to find us a place to eat. We were in search of a Cracker Barrel.

"MOM, CRACKER BARREL, NEXT EXIT!" I saw the sign before they did but I kept my mouth shut. Yes, the billboard announced that the Cracker Barrel was at the next exit and then left. The boys missed the "left" part. I ask "Ok, I got at the next exit part, but which way do I turn then?". They didn't know. They just so darn excited that the Cracker Barrel was at the next exit and they were, as usual, STARVING.

That's when traffic came to a stop because of construction. LOL Just my luck! 15 minutes, 2 miles later, our exit was in sight. Off the Interstate and now which way to turn. They did it! They read the signs and found out which way to turn. I took them through a couple of parking lots before we pulled in the our destination. The whole time they were telling me that I missed it, I took the wrong turn and that I needed to turn around. It was hilarious. Of course I took them through the extra parking lots to get them to read and give verbal direction and to express themselves. Really, just what's the fun in just driving and getting it done. I had time, why not.

Full bellies and South Bound. We pulled into our drive way and off the boys ran to play. Off I ran to the barn to help Superman (who just got home) feed the horses.

I enjoy days like today. The boys had a wonderful time too. Now tomorrow, we will be back in the classroom with our heads in the books. I just have to wonder what kind of a day that will be. I'll just hope for the best!

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