Friday, August 17, 2007

The Story of Rocco

About a month ago we had to have our big German Shepard put down. We hated it so bad and we still miss him a lot. So I have been thinking the last couple of days about getting another outside dog. I was thinking on the lines of getting one from an animal shelter that would otherwise be euthanized. I had even began to look online at some of the shelters in our area. I must have been sending some really heavy thoughts because Superman said night before last that he missed having an outside dog. ESP? I don't know - maybe we just know each other. And get this, I had even called and ask about a dog but she had already been adopted - that's when the shelter told me about Rocco. Last night we talked about it and I showed him a picture of Rocco. I told him the adoption fee was $30 and he told me just to go over and get him. I did! Me and the boys picked Rocco up today at about 11am. The boys fell in love with him when they first saw him and were ready to load him in the car right then.

The paperwork was completed and Rocco loaded right up in the car, laid down and every once in a while I could see his face in my rear view mirror and I swear he was smiling. Once we got home the boys opened the back of the car (actually an SUV) and out jumped Rocco and off they all ran to play. Now Rocco isn't too fond of the horses. But having herd dog in him - well, he's supposed to herd. I'm sure with a few little lessons about getting along with others that Rocco will work out just fine. He gets along wonderful with our little dogs.

Rocco was found at the animal shelter by a lady that loved dogs. She adopted him and took him home to play with her Peekapoo. They played together and had a great time. The lady and her husband started the process of a divorce and he would not let her have the 2 dogs when she moved. One day she went to the house where they lived and she took Rocco and the Peekapoo. Why? Because they were chained, thirsty and starving. She knew that she could not care for the dogs so she took them to the shelter in hopes that someone would adopt them. The Peekapoo was adopted within a few days but Rocco's time was running out. His status was urgent! He was to be euthanized this morning. Not any more - not him!

I can't save them all but I can do my fair share. Do your share and help an animal in a shelter. Make a donation, adopt a cat, dog, ferret, rabbit or whatever there is to adopt. But once you adopt them, take care of them.


karisma said...

What a terrible story about Rocco. He must really be missing his playmate and family. Im sure he will settle in and become a very important member of your family. Thank god for people like you Alta, if everyone was so caring, wouldnt the world be a nicer place. You should be really proud to be who you are.

Alta said...

Thank you very much Karisma for your kind words. I think that Rocko settled in the minute he got in our car. It was instant love with all of us. He now sleeps up against our back door. What a place he has in our home and in our hearts.