Monday, August 13, 2007

How a Day Should Not Start

After being woke up at 7 am by WW, just to ask if he could shoot his BB Gun and then again by MJ asking if he could play the XBox, it seems my day just got worse after that. Finally after all of the interrupted sleep I crawled out of bed, managed to stumble my way to the bathroom, brush teeth, get dressed, make my bed and start to read my emails. Finally after more interruptions I managed to read all of my emails and even answer a few. Off to the barn I go to put the horses out to graze. Today I thought I'd graze them on the road - wrong idea. LOL

About 15 minutes later I'm hanging out clothes and woe and behold the horses are gone. I don't panic over these things because this certain isn't my first rodeo. So I grab my carrot stick and head down the road. Oh there they are, just grazing away in the tallest grass they can find. I do my little raspberry kiss to them and they turn around and start walking back...

No - don't go down that road, turn left - not right. Of course they turned right and headed to a small paved road (no big deal, it's just a subdivision road). So I walk and walk and walk some more. I call and call and call some more. I hear them in the woods and then the bust out on the 2 rut road beside me and start trotting back in the right direction.

No - go straight - don't turn right. Yeppers - 2 of them turned to the right and down the lime rock road. Off Redman and I go back to the barn and the pasture.

I run in the door, holler for the boys, grab the 4 wheeler key and run to the barn. Running isn't much of an option for me because it is already 98 degrees outside. I'm driving the 4 wheeler with WW on the front and JD on the back. We race down the 2 rut road and stop at the paved road - look left and right and back to the left. Deputy to the rescue! LOL Yes, down the road was a Deputy in his car with 2 horses grazing beside the road. We headed down toward him and he called me over to ask me if I knew who the horses belong to. "Yes sir, they're mine." "Ok, I will move out of your way and let you do your thing."

Off down the road the boys and I went on the 4 wheeler behind the horses, with the Deputy behind us. And in 3 minutes CoCo and Shadow were back in the pasture. A great big thank you wave from all 3 of us to the Deputy that helped. Not only did he help but he didn't even scold me for having the boys on the 4 wheeler. Just another thing that I love about the country. We use our 4 wheeler for our little farm and not for joy riding on the roads. Oh I'm not saying that we won't go and play in the mud with it, because we will. But there is a time and place for everything.
As you can see, all of the horses look so innocent. Just hanging out instead of getting out. I have to say - there is never a dull moment around here.

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mrsnesbitt said...

What a lovely blog! Now we are "friends" over on BC I look forward to visiting here again.
I must say your life sounds similar to ours. Simple, yet complete and happy.