Monday, August 13, 2007

Marshmallow Shooter

I was so darn surprised that I could not react. Yesterday I had to use Superman's truck to run an errand. He has some of his work stuff in the passenger floorboard with an odd piece of PVC pipe sitting on top. I kinda wondered to myself, (now what in the world is that for?). I just let it go because it really didn't matter. mistake. LOL

Superman and JD took a ride uptown to buy a few things. While they were doing their thing, I managed to get WW and MJ's showers done, the horses feed and the sprinkler moved. I was out in the pasture when Superman and JD slipped in the back door and put away the bread and the milk. I walk in the laundry room and JD comes out to meet me. "Mom, dad wants to see you for a minute". Well that's pretty darn common and I didn't think anything about it. So I walk into the dinning room and then I come around the corner into the kitchen. That's when it happened...
I took the blunt force of a marshmallow right in the forehead. Yes, a marshmallow! The boys just busted out laughing and I am just standing there with this really dumbfounded look on my face. "What was that?" JD picks the marshmallow up off the floor, shows it to me and then eats it. Now the Superman and the boys are running around in the kitchen and the den shooting marshmallows at each other - kinda like spit balls through a straw. It was hilarious!

The strange piece of PVC pipe that was laying on top of the tools, has now become a marshmallow shooter. It may have been a marshmallow shooter when I first saw it, I don't have a clue on that. However, I certainly know that for about 10 minutes that's exactly what it had become.

So I will have to make a trip to the hardware store to buy PVC pipe to make more of these things. WW talked about how he wants to make one but he wants to be able to shoot 2 marshmallows at a time. Little smarty britches!

I was just sitting here and thinking about this fun and harmless game with mini marshmallows and thought I'd google it. OH MY GOSH! These things are online - You can actually buy them! Check this out! Marshmallow Shooter

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