Friday, July 27, 2007

The Sound Barrier

True Lies. Have you seen that movie? It has Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis teamed up together as a married couple. Great movie! I let the boys watch it Monday and I really think they have watched it at least 3 dozen times since then. Ok - not that many times, but a bunch of times. There is a scene in there where a limo is on a bridge, Jamie Lee Curtis is in the limo and her husband (Schwarzenegger) is trying to save her. There are jets flying and a long bridge. One of the jets breaks the sound barrier. You can see it when it happens. I told the boys to watch for it. You can see like a vapor and that is how you know the sound barrier has been broken. I finally get the boys to see this happening on the movie. Today WW points out to me when it happens - I am thrilled that he saw it and pointed it out. Then he looks as me in his most serious face and says "Can they fix it?" He thinks that the sound barrier is something on the plane that broke. I had to hold back my giggles because he was so darn serious. Of course I explained to him about the sound barrier and how things break the sound barrier. Well I thought this was cute and I just had to share.

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