Friday, July 27, 2007

Tuesday and Thursday

Well, well - what a week. Tomorrow is finally Friday and I think we may all just take it easy around here.

Tuesday we worked around the barn. We took everything out (except the tools hanging on the walls) and we put it all back in. LOL Not just like that. WW, JD, MJ and myself rearranged the barn. We put the 4 wheeler where we used to store the hay and the hay were we used to park the 4 wheeler. We keep our hay stacked on pallets to keep it off the ground. We had to move the hay, then move the pallets, then clean where the pallets were, clean the pallets, put the pallets in their new location, level the pallets with bricks, and put the hay back on the pallets. Scheeewww - I'm tired just thinking about what we did. MJ painted the outside of the barn doors. Boy howdy do they look great! WW and JD moved the remaining limbs that Superman cut down the other day. I cleaned the barn floor, well the best I could because it is a dirt floor. Over time a lot of hay gets built up and it starts to smell a little moldy. I took out the old hay from the floor of the barn and put down new hay. I like to keep a small layer of hay on the floor because it helps cut down on the dust.
I'm sure there are several other little things that we did and I just can't remember them.

Thursday the boys and I moved a lot of blocks 16"x16"x4" and 8"x16"x4" from the barn area down to our back door. I sure am glad we have the 4 wheeler and a little trailer to pull behind it. Can you imagine moving those blocks with a wheel barrow? That's funny because I moved them up to the barn with the wheel barrow. Once we got the blocks down by the back door, we started making our little patio area bigger. We more than doubled the size of it. I think it was about a 4'x4' area. It is really great now because it so much bigger. Not only is it bigger but it really looks great. Hopefully this will eliminate some of the sand that gets toted into the laundry room and into the house.

Friday...Hmmm...maybe, just maybe, I will surprise the boys with a little swimming trip. That means I best get to bed. Goodnight all!


The organized rambler said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :-) We actually used Lifepacs for Bible this past year (2nd grade) and my ds enjoyed was the only thing that we used that he hopefully my choices will be better this year! I hope you have a great 1st year homeschooling!

AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

thanks for visiting my blog! your blog is so peaceful! I used to live in the city (17 yrs., was raised in the country(up until 17yo), and now live back in the country. I thought I was a country girl until I moved back and now I know I am a city girl!! ha ha snakes, little creatures that startle me.....I am a wimp!! ha ha

Philip said...

Hello, I own a pallet company in Dallas. Do you use wood or plastic pallets to store the hay on? We have people that will come by and want to purchase our wood pallets to store things on and we always recommend plastic pallets for outside storage. Anyway, I enjoyed reading the blog.

Alta said...

Thank you Philip. Yes we do use pallets to store our hay on. We use the wooden ones because the hay is kept inside the barn. They really do work great for keeping things up off the ground on. Just the other day my oldest son and I took several pallet slats and made a beautiful American flag. I will take a picture of it once Superman gets back in town with the digital camera. I have a couple more projects that I want to try with pallet wood. So many of them end up thrown away and it really is some great wood for crafts.