Thursday, July 05, 2007

Here Lately

Here lately we have been busy. We have started a club house for the boys. It is a work in progress and Superman has some really big plans for it. But then again, so do the boys. I will have to take some pictures and post them here. It's a pretty awesome project. The boys enjoy it because they get to use the power tools.

I am still working with the boys (and sometimes the neighbor kids) on Summer School. It was a bit much on me and our boys for the neighbor kids to come every day. It certainly has been a challenge with them, but now I can see some progress. Superman and I have decided to homeschool all 3 of our boys. I am not sure what program (or whatever it is called) that we are going to go with. If anyone has any suggestions, they are greatly appreciated.

Day camps start again next week. I am really looking forward to a little quiet time here at the house with the critters. I may even be able to get a few things done around the house, like cleaning. Oh how I hate housework. I could always spend one quick day doing housework and then I could be out at the barn with the horses the rest of the week. Now that sounds like a plan.

We have been getting a little more rain and we are thankful for that. Every little bit sure does help. The grass that we first planted didn't do very well because we just didn't have much rain. We replanted about 4 weeks ago and it is doing really well. I have been using the sprinkler but it sure is a pain to move around over 2 acres. Our soil is pretty sandy so the water just soaks right in. We have had to mow it one time. The boys sure did like that. If they just keep up with wanting to mow, I will be able to concentrate on other things. They keep begging me to go over and mow my mom's grass. We have mowed her yard two times but they want to mow it two times a week.

I am off to do a few more things before I head to bed. I would really enjoy reading any comments that you have about homeschooling. Hope to hear from everyone!


karisma said...

How wonderful! I am so happy for you and the boys on your decision to homeschool. We are loving our journey, and learning so much. Even the tough times have been a lesson for me. I am learning to be much more patient and understanding of others needs. Children are so amazing, they learn from every little thing. Best of Luck with your new adventure. I am sure you will do an amazing job. Congratulations!!

Alta aka k9 said...

Thank you Karisma! I will be going to one of our local homeshcool book stores this week while the boys are away at camp. I am sure that they will be able to give me some really good advice and point me in the right direction.